Monday, September 10, 2007

September 10, 2007

What a great weekend! I started off with a wedding on Saturday, Michael and Beverly. An extremely nice couple who were so easy to work with and photograph. It was a small ceremony at a local restaurant in Fat City (an old term for a section of Metairie, La. that was a nightclub smorgasbord in the 80's) The small ceremonies are fun when they are more informal, with laughing and funny anecdotes during the vows. Lots of dancing followed with a mix of line dancing and latin music.

Sunday started off with some engagement photos in the French Quarter. A nice couple who won an engagement photoshoot at the last "Weddings in Style Bridal Show."

Coincidentally, there was another "Weddings in Style Bridal Show" that afternoon at the Windsor Court Hotel. Lots of vendors (over 90 vendors) and many brides showed up, most with an entourage of brides-maids and family. Even though it was crowded, IMO it was a successful bridal show with many brides interested in finding a photographer!

After all was said and done, there was still a bit of NFL football to relax to Sunday evening!

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