Thursday, October 11, 2007


Ever heard the term "get a life?" I have one. Right now its just a busy one and I don't have time to breathe. This is a good thing because I would rather be busy and in demand. First, there was Bob Walker's Bridal Show in the Pontchartrain Center last week. 'Cooler' weather brought out a nice crowd for the show and it was busy talkin up wedding photography. My booth was next to "All About Honeymoons" travel agents Angel and Kerry. A great couple who can put you on a honeymoon anywhere across the world..... Did I mention I do destination weddings? Back to the show, which was good. Had a few brides call for more info or to see if I was available. BTW, brides.... don't wait to get a good photographer. January thru June 2008 is hot!

Thursday I photographed a mass at St. Mary's on Chef Hwy. A very interesting History lesson on Henriette Delille, founder of The Sisters of the Holy Family dating back to 1842. She is officially being considered for canonization by the Catholic Church and a Representative of the Vatican gave a briefing after the mass.

Friday, lunch with fellow DWF Photographer James Bass from New York. He was in New Orleans with his wife and another couple to attend a wedding. Always wanting to see/hear different prospectives on wedding photography, we had lunch and "talked shop." Seems like most brides get married for the same reasons in the North as they do in the South, but traditions are different! Sit down dinners at a reception? Ok, ok. I already know that. But why can't the bride and groom take pictures together BEFORE THE CEREMONY? I guess it makes too much sense, so don't do it. Right? Superstition. Get it done before you march down the aisle so there's more time for everything else at the reception.....

After lunch, sports pictures at Pontiff Playground..... yada yada yada.... get home at 10:30.

Saturday was a great day for a wedding. Julie wasn't quite ready when I arrived at the house, which is good because I like to get the prep shots and details. A very calm household due to the fact that there was only one brides maid (her mom) standing in the wedding. A few poses indoor and outdoor by the pool, then on to A Day to Remember Garden Club for a nice 'family' wedding. Both David and Julie's families were easy to get along with (as is the case with most weddings) but they were a friendly group. Here's a few pics of the evening.......

Sunday, sports pics all afternoon. Monday is my normal 'recover from the weekend' day and start editing photos and working on orders. This week was different. I was helping local
photographer Pat Garin at the Surgeons Convention in New Orleans all week. Add an event or sports pictures for every night this week and catching up till 1:00am on the computer = Madness. Tonight I rest for the weekend coming.

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