Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Jamal and Kelli

Kelli and Jamal seem to made for each other. Amid all the craziness, there is Kelli smiling because she knows this is "their day", not just "her" day. Starting out at the Hilton, here are the ladies preping.

Jamal and the guys outside of the Second Baptist Church.

When the ceremony was over, the newlyweds exited the church and released two doves. I thought it was a fitting display for the two lovebirds.
The reception was at the Four Columns on the Westbank. It was perfect for this wedding reception because the dance floor was just big enough to fit everyone, including the 29 people in the entire bridal party to the grandmothers who got out there to show everyone 'what they workin with'.

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KELLI said...

Hey Stewart,
Thanks again for capturing the most important day in our lives. We had a great time and you captured the fun in every picture. Unfortunately, one of our ushers Carlos Wheeler was killed in a fatal car accident this April. You captured him in many of your pictures displaying his FUN-LOVING personality. We thank you so much for capturing these memories!