Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Wedding in December

I have been photographing weddings for 8 years. Besides a few portraits and events, thats what I focus on... weddings. When I started, I was an upaid assistant for almost a year because my mentor/teacher was and still is very good at wedding photography. I do this work because I enjoy it as I learn to adopt to most every situation that may arise. Occasionally, there are weddings that flow very easily and this wedding... Ryan and Carlos, was almost flawless. I enjoyed being a part of this event.

The Loews Hotel was very accomodating and helpful. Here is a terrific image of the bride in the lobby before the ceremony.
St. Jude Church on Rampart St. has a great history to it in regard to New Orleans. A memorable church for a perfect couple. Below is a photo in the Grotto to the right of the church where people light candles in thanks to the Blessed Mother.

The pictures after the ceremony were taken in the Piazza d'Italia located behind the Loews Hotel.

The bride had a great time, along with the guests did not stop rocking the house until the 4+ hour reception was over.
Ryan and Carlos... Thanks for a great wedding!!

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