Friday, August 13, 2010

Oak Alley

I enjoy photographing weddings at Oak Alley! It seems as though you can't take a bad picture...every angle... gardens, oak trees, manicured lawns, plantation home. I'll get there early just for the environment photos and bridal prep.
Here, the bride and bridesmaids make their way to the main house from the cottage.

It was hot outside, but the canopy of the oak trees gave us some relief.

Oak Alley has improved their gardens lately and the grounds look incredible.

The lighting was perfect this day with overcast skies to give us great shadows.

The balcony is a great location to showcase the oak alley. With permission from the wonderful staff at Oak Alley, we were allowed access early since the tours ended early.

The guys were great to work with... or maybe wanting to cooperate just to get back to the air condition...

The bride and groom were willing to see each other before the ceremony, so we arranged a special meeting on the balcony where they could have a private moment as they saw each other for the first time that day, dressed for the ceremony. Group pictures after that meeting and before the cermony gives them light for the background, time to take lots of pictures. With that out of the way, the reception starts right after the ceremony.

The harpist added soothing background music while the guests took their seats and waited for the arrival of the bride.

A horse drawn carriage makes a dramatic arrival for the bride.

View of the sunset over the levee from the front of the plantation.
I look forward to my next wedding at Oak Alley!

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