Monday, March 10, 2008

Eric and Jessica

Jessica's bridals were taken at the Columns Hotel on St. Charles Ave, a location typical of old New Orleans grandeur. Jessica's dress was a beautiful 30's style that matched her personality gracefully. Enjoy a few of the terrific bridal poses she took that afternoon.

Eric and Jessica's wedding day was perfect. Starting at the Marriott Hotel on Canal St., everyone was on time, calm and ready for the exciting evening to begin.

An unusual idea that I haven't seen in my 8 years of wedding photography was for the bridesmaids to each write a personal note to the bride while she finishes up with makeup and hair. She will probably sit down to read them after the honeymoon and have a good cry... At first, we were not allowed to take photos in the lobby of the Marriott : (
The front desk manager intervened and allowed photos. The pictures came out great, very bright and colorful.
The wedding was at St. Johns Evangelical Lutheran Church on Canal St. Here are a few of the guys waiting with great anticipation for the ceremony to begin.

Weddings are not boring events. I still view them as sacred events which should be the highlight of a couples life and I am lucky to be a part of that union. This wedding did have a "moment" when the grooms mom lost her shoe while going to light the unity candle. As a hush came over the congregation, she calmly slipped her shoe back on and continued. Only, the mother of the bride then lost HER shoe! Laughter broke out. Still more laughter when the lighter was low on fluid and you heard.... you get the idea. On the way to the seats, both moms took a graceful bow to the applause of the entire crowd.

After the ceremony, the bridal party boarded a street car and headed to the reception.

The brass band onboard made the ride memorable, with lots of dancing and action.

The reception was at the Plimsol Club in the Trade Mart Building at the foot of Canal St. on the river.

The reception was a very lively one with live enterainment provided by The Mixed Nuts.
Lead female vocalist brings on her powerful vocals as the party rolls....

This wedding rates as one of the top all-time best weddings not only because the day was perfect, but also the bride and groom seem so perfect for each other.
Congratulations Eric and Jessica!

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