Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Texas School 2008

Always looking for a better angle to photograph, I just got the degree on angles. Thats a degree from Texas School of Professional Photography. Most people consider this as "continuing education". I consider it the most fun I've had learning in years! Classes take place on the campus of Texas A&M in College Station, TX. The main entrance to the campus is pictured below. This year at Texas School, there were 34 classes, 995 professional photographers attending from 39 states and 3 other countries. I had the honor of being a student of world renown Wedding Photographer, (as well as portrait photographer) Hanson Fong. His posing techniques are key classic techniques which are becoming a lost art. Below are some pictures of the Master at work.

Not only did we learn in class, we also took outings to local churchs with models as brides to enhance our learning experience. Below, Hanson explains the importance of measuring light by metering instead of relying on digital camera readings.

Below is yours truly in the Oval Office. (at the George Bush Library)
These last two images are of the memorial to the students who died when a bonfire collapsed. A terrible tragedy and a reminder to all of us that life is uncertain. Take time out of your busy lives to soak up what will be your future memories.

Thanks to Hanson Fong, my classmates, the school director Don Dickson, Texas Professional Photographers Association and Texas A&M for a great first year of Texas School!

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